Northern Region Services

CMRC provides settlement services in the Ryde and Ku-ring-gai LGAs.

Northern Region Services

CMRC provides settlement services in the Ryde and Ku-ring-gai LGAs. 


Access and resource workers provide settlement information and referral so that individuals and communities can make informed choices towards better settlement outcomes.


The aim of the service is to promote access, equity and link the community to essential services through the effective delivery of community development activities.


The CMRC services are:

  • Client focused
  • Support  the development of people’s skills by furthering their potential
  • Promote access to services
  • Values and promotes recognition of diversity
  • Embraces the values of community
  • Delivers high quality services

Settlement workers will facilitate a process that will work alongside community organisations to identify gaps in service and will encourage the community at large to define their own needs, requirements and solutions.


Worker Information -

Access & Resource Workers       Korean

Afghan & Iranian (Languages – Persian / Farsi / Dari )

Subcontinent Communities including Sri Lanka / India / Pakistan / Bangladesh /Nepal

Chinese (Language – Mandarin)



Referral Information For Clients –


Community MRC provides an information and referral service for refugees and migrants in the Greater Western Sydney region, and now across the Northern region of Sydney.

If you are from a non-English speaking country, we can assist you in your home language.

We provide a range of settlement-related services and programs that create links between migrant communities, families, youth, service providers, NGOs, charities and government agencies.

Services include:

  • Settlement Services
  • Community Development
  • Youth Services
  • Family & Children’s Services
  • Employment Assistance
  • Building Leadership
  • Social Enterprise Programs
  • Mentoring
  • Cross Cultural Training


For more information, please contact the team at our three offices:


Eastwood Office  -   159 Shaftsbury Road, Eastwood NSW 2122

 Tel - 9858 1925


Community Access and Resource Worker- Afghan

10 -5pm       Monday / Tuesday 


Community Access and Resource WorkerSub-continent

9 .30am– 4.30pm Tuesday /Thursday 


Community Access and Resource Worker- Korean

12-2.30pm Wednesday

9 – 2.30pm Thursday  


West Ryde Community Hub Office

2-5 Anthony Road, West Ryde NSW 2114

9 – 4pm    Wednesday   (West Ryd )  

10 – 5pm   Thursday     (Ku Ring-Gai) 


Ku-ring-gai Council Office

818 Pacific Highway, Gordon NSW 2072

Tel – 9424 0000


Community Access and Resource Worker- Korean

9-4pm  Thursday


Community Access and Resource Worker- Chinese

9- 4pm   Thursday  

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