Multicultural Support Workers Project

Helps to equip FaCS staff with language support and cultural information when working with CALD families to ensure that constructive and appropriate interventions and case plans are implemented

Multicultural Support Workers Project

The Multicultural Support Workers Project builds positive relationships between Family and Community Services, Non Government Organisations and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse communities within NSW.

What we provide

The Multicultural Support Workers Project promotes culturally competent family intervention by better equipping FACS Caseworkers and Non-Government Organisations with cultural information and language support when working with Multicultural Families in NSW. Our support workers speak over 20 different languages.

Cultural Support to Communities

The Multicultural Support Workers Project provides tailored information sessions about Child Protection, Family and Community Services and Australian law using an in-depth community development approach.

Specialist Multicultural Support Workers

All Multicultural Support Workers are trained in navigating Family and Community Services, Child Protection and Refugee Trauma.

Cultural Support for Caseworkers do:

• Home Visits
• Case Planning
• Cultural Care Plans
• Case Conferences
• Case Consultations
• Teleconferences (within NSW)
• Referrals

Contact—Mira Mitrovic
Multicultural Support Workers Coordinator
Ph: 02 9687 9901
Mob: 0431 717 751

Community Migrant Resource Centre
Level 4, 1 Horwood Place
Parramatta NSW 2150

FACS staff can access further information on the internal portal at: program.html

Multicultural Support Workers Project is funded by the NSW Department of Community Services


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